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HURST SC/Rambler - MIA
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Documented by the Official 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry.

This car was originally purchased from Blodgett AMC in Horseheads, NY USA

1975 -1985, Owned by Al Russell.


Sold in 1985 to a gentleman on Long Island never to be seen again.


Al Russell contacts the registry to see if his former Scrambler might still in the line of duty. Un fortunately we have no idea where it is.

From Al: Captain America is on a mission to see if the legendary shamer of Chevies, cruncher of Camaros punisher of Pontiacs, basher of Buicks, mauler of of Mustangs and muncher of Mopars has been restored to its former glory to once again enforce its own version of truth, justice and the (north) American way. Will we ever again hear the cry..Get the women, children and Fords off the streets the midnight Rambler is back! Alright all you wiseeguys we know it was a B version and it was white but at least in Canada they know about the midnight sun.

Originally purchased from Blodgett AMC in Horseheads, NY and I acquired the car in 1975 and sold it in 84 or 85 to a buyer on Long Island.




Current status or where abouts of this SC/Rrambler is still unknown. If anyone has any info on this car please email Joie Vaughan

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