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Bob Kaufman - Fletcher, NC
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Documented by the Official 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry.

Originally owned and built by Ken Keir.

Shown here as it was with it's name: NO RERSPECT, for many years as a Super Stock drag racer running Low 8's

1970 - 2006

This is how the car looks today, transformed back to being barely street legal after it's life modified right of the showroom floor as an all out drag car that never saw a mile of street time. Now a retired drag car, is it enjoying some long overdue street cruising.


This HURST SC/Rambler has been a drag car since new and over the years it evolved into a low 8 second Chevrolet powered car running in a variety of classes.

I didn't modify the car, it was too far gone to put back to original condition. The old "DRAG RACER" came out in me, so I used what I had to put it back on the street legally for the first time since the car was new. I did add air conditioning, power windows and a tilt steering column to make it a little more user friendly.

It gets allot of attention at the shows because as many people have said "It's different". Even though it's chevrolet powered it has brought out the AMC guys and encouraged them to work on their cars. I've has a lot of meaningful dialog with the AMC guys!

It was originally owned and built by Ken Keir who still builds a high quality race care! I have never raced this car, I bought it with the intention of putting it back on the street. I was inspired many years ago at the drag strip by the AMC racers who used what they had and in some cases made their own parts.

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