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June 2005
Hurst SC - 1

This 401 engine turns over , guy sold it said it ran when parked ... This has lots of parts , I think its fixable , rockers and floors are rough ... I do not want to part it to fix my solid car that is missing parts!



69 RogueParts car
Hurst SC - 2

This is the Scrambler I bought out of Arkansas. It is seriously missing parts , no seats or hood scoop , tach , head rests nor mirrors

Hurst SC - 3

I've collected quite a bit of items , but still hunting !!!This car is pretty solid. Has issues with the rear and windshield pillars , floor is very good!This was being stripped then sat for years with partial paint removed , parts anyone got parts, I'm missing a lot of stuff.. but its very solid.

Hurst SC - 4

This car was from Massachusetts , second one I bought. Has the original 390 plus complete drive train etc., missing mirrors , hood scoop , tack ... I traded the front seats for a mirror and 602 tach The seats are harder to find than the mirrors and tachs I'm finding out I would like to replace with correct seats again! This car needs a left in/out rocker and drivers front floor pan.


I was lucky to have the opportunity to stay over at my aunt and uncle's for summer vacation. Bev and Conrad Bechard . It was 1974, I was 14 and my aunt and uncle lived in Providence, RI then ...

They had a 1969 Sc/Rambler. It had the 390, but was built up , holley dbl, pumper, drive shaft loop, fresh paint job. Thrush "outsiders" side pipes, hooker headers. Pipes look so cool on the SC !!! It had an eight track in the glove box ... Heard Santana, Black Sabbath, Edger Winters "Frankenstein" through the added in speakers. Great stereo effect !!! Plus the sound of the 390, Whhhaaaappp Auuugghhh, you know what I mean !!!!!!!!!

We did lots of fun stuff, saw Blazing saddle's, flesh Gordon, Death Race 2000 at the drive in theatre in that car. Would go to the ocean to the beach at the Cape in MA, went by the mansion
"Dark Shadows" was done at on the way.

An A&W had the girls on roller skates put the tray of burgers and root beer on the side window ... Great summer !!! I would say it left an impression on me that I would like a scrambler of my own.

Other events with the car was that Conrad dragged the car at Napierville dragway in Canada, that's closer to where we are from. Close to Vermont and new York, way upstate NY near the Border, eh ?? He went against a 340 Cuda that the guy put big bucks into, the scrambler went down the track, the cuda stumbled. Don't know why. The scrambler was getting cheered, people stood up and rooted for the little sc. The cuda was too much as it took off suddenly and won. The cuda was really souped up a lot though. The crowd really wanted the Sc/R to win was cool ... I think he was put in "C" class to race as it was modified. Just before yucky "bracket racing" started. Saw lots of great drag cars. Love the funny cars !!!! It was cool to see the sc doing a burn out before staging ...should go to the drags again !!!

So was looking for an SC/R for years off and on, one showed up in hot rod magazine in the early 80's . $10,000.00 back then was a lot of money. out of the question...

Time went on and found a SC in Arkansas in the AMO classified ... I went out and bought it ...Missing tons of stuff. No seats even and was partially apart. Was wondering if I should get it after all, but the serial numbers were good and the body is in pretty good shape. Window pillars need help, but cut them out of a parts car ...

I figure I want to find parts so I see a second Sc in Ma. I struck a deal on it. This one needs a floor pan and maybe two rockers. Plus the hood scoop and Sc stuff was mostly gone, tach , mirrors ... But mechanically all there.

Then ebay has to have a "B" scheme, Its rusty but has lots of parts, still no mirrors or tack, no head rests. Like usual, has great documentation and is real. Hey they are all listed in Joie's web site. Its gotta be real ...!!! I bid and win, the guy trailered the car from Wisconsin, And I picked it up in NJ ...Not bad ...except my truck's transmission calved on me on the way ... Lucked out and it was replaced the next day at a shop off the interstate .. scary ... I say this scrambler is fixable, lower quarter work, floor pans and rockers ...

Hmmmm, I was chatting to "Gordy" and he had a line on a very solid Sc/r ... I figure it would be good to get it. So went to PA with the trailer and brought car four home !! Three real "A" schemes and one "B" scheme ... Not bad ... This car came home in a gutted body and lots of boxes. Glad I found a 69 Rogue for parts and a 69 plain Rambler for more parts ...

Found some good sources of some tough parts, collected lots so far ... Would like to start restoring to strict original soon ...

I did not mention I like 57 Chevy 2DR hardtops, I have two of them to restore !! One is very sweet, other needs a floor that I have retrieved already ... ahem ...power pak 283 powerglide. ok ok ... Scramblers were talking about. I like cars, lots of select different makes !!

On the parts hunt its good to know things, like the rims were on mustangs and ford stuff, plus dodge/plymouth used the rally 500 rims ... olds mirrors were the same as our sc in 1969 (hurst olds).. 66 through 69 rambler shared a lot of the same parts ... the trans plus shifter was used on amx, most likely other amc products ... The front windshield is the same on hardtop and sedan as far as I know ... The rear window is different ... 602 Sun tack can be made to look like a 635 Sun...

Plus reading up on other people and there vendor finds is great .

I like this web site here a lot and interesting web pages ...

Would like to get to the day I fire up my scrambler, Whaaappp aaaauuughhhhh, whhhhaaaaauughppp whaaauuup. What a sound, I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning !!!

Bob Rascoe



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