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Palos Park IL USA
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I bought my SC's in March of 1991 from a fellow in Arizona. I purchased a '68 AMX from him in '89, and at that time he told me he had two SC's, but they weren't for sale. I told him to contact me if he ever decided to sell them, two years later, he calls and asks if I still want the cars. Dumb question!

Two months later the son and I take the one that runs to the drag strip. After six passes, the son, revs it a little to high and all you see is blue smoke. After a few weeks of wrenching on it I decide to restore it and build it for Pure Stock Drag Racing.

Fast forward to '94 and we're at Mid Michigan Motorplex with Muscle Cars from all parts of the USA and Canada. If you like stock Muscle Cars, you should really make this event a must see. Anyway I was paired against a GTO and won in the first two races. Best et was 13.9 @ 101 mph, not to bad for a stock 390 with a 3:54 gear on Red Line tires. Three weeks later we enter it in a car show and bring home the trophy. I'm very happy with my SC/Rambler and hope to enjoy it for years to come.

PS... I think this registry is a GREAT idea and wish it lots of success!



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