David Furlin, Kenosha, WI

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1970 - 1972

Purchased by David Furlin
This is what the car looked like in '73' when I bought it, see how the red is painted wrong on the front fender

1974 - 1981

ET time slip

Drag Racing - Maskin & Canners Pro Stock Hornet

This race I got beat by the Challenger in the right lane, car had a hemi. The SC/Rambler has been such a great car! The best time the car ran 12:29 @110 mph

I had the rare opurtunity to race another Scrambler (B scheme) made fast work of him though, but his car was stock.

Here I am lining up with a pro stock car, I had open headers but I still couldn't hear my car running!

He is playing with me I'm nervous as all heck. I cut a great light had the crowd on their feet, the rev limiter caught me at 6600 rpm in 3rd gear, I was to busy worrying about him and hit 4th gear to late, I lost. It was so cool to get the to race these guys!


Magazine Cover Custom Rodder
The pic cover is ya wow made the cover of Custom Rodder march 1982 plus the article from the Custom Rodder even made editors page.

Read this article pg 1 - pg 2


I think it was 1982 or 83 that year, guys were trying to do burnouts off shadelin ave most were brake torqueing them so I showed them how to do a burnout. The SC has a linelock so I lit em up the crowd went crazy then I parked the car and watched cops showed up not to much later and put a stop to all the fun.

AMC factory
This picture at work was taken when they were tearing down the old body shop and paint departments. This was AMC's factory in Kenosha Wisconsin, the SC came from them buildings in the background. Right behind the car is the pressroom, they would press out the hoods, doors, gas tanks, floor pans,and roofs. It was sad to see all those building go.

1984 - 2005

On display in musenm - Kenosha History Center, The display was "AMC NEED for SPEED", they also had 2 Walley Booths cars as well some nice local cars.

That view was taken at Street Machine Nats at Indy. Grey Baskerville shooting pics for car craft, never made it in the magazine though.


I saw my first sc in a magazine thought it was goofie looking, I couldn't part with it now! I have owned this Scrambler since 1973. Restored A Scheme, Occasional driver with only 24,000 miles with racing histroy from the 1980's Racing against Maskin & Canners Pro Stock Hornet.

I was going to the car wash with the SC, I had my dad with me, we were sitting at a red light and this Vette pulls up beside me. It said 427 on the hood. I looked over at the guy then I told my dad to hold on. The SC/Rambler still had the slicks on from the weekend, the light turned green, all hell broke loose. I banged a couple of gears and ran 3rd up to 6 grand then shut it down. The Vette was back about 3 car lengths. Dad was a little ticked off but he was laughing about it later. The guy gave me the thumbs up when he drove by.



David Furlin's Scrambler Featured on the 2008 - 1512 Registry's promotional poster.

2009 - 2010


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