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My name is Ed Schlesser, and I own a 1969 AMC Scrambler. Although, I have only owned the car for a few years, my love of the AMC Scrambler started when I was 16 years old. The first car I had was a 1964 / 440 American Hardtop Rambler. It was originally purchased by my Grandfather as a gift for my Grandmother in 1965. They were the original owners until I was old enough to drive and it became mine! What a great gift!

Throughout my teen years I drove it to school and work. One day, while I was driving, the throttle cable broke and I needed to find a replacement part. I quickly discovered that there were not a lot of Rambler parts available. Finally, I located a salvage yard in Brentwood, California that had the part I desperately needed. While I was paying for the Rambler throttle cable, I noticed a picture of a Scrambler on the counter of the salvage yard. That was it! I had never laid eyes on anything like it and I told myself that someday I will own one!

In 1989, I missed the opportunity to purchase a Scrambler for $2,500.00 in San Leandro, California. I missed this opportunity due to owning two mustangs which I was in the process of restoring. I sold my wife’s priced possession, her 1968 Mustang GT Fastback, and started looking to buy the car of my dreams! I found my Scrambler on EBay with a buy it now option for $16,500.00, sight unseen other than the pictures posted on EBay.

I found out my new car was originally sold in Okalahoma and eventually found its home in Michigan. What at thrill it was to see the car carrier arrive from Michigan to deliver my Scrambler in December 2003.

Not only has owning my 1969 AMC Scrambler full filled my dream, I have met lots of wonderful Scrambler enthusiasts just like me at lots of events i.e., at swap meets, car shows, local car clubs and through registries like this one! (the 1512 Retgistry) It is such a fun hobby to restore this car and see the expressions on people’s faces when I drive it!



Purchased by Ed Schlesser


Originally sold in Okalahoma

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