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I bought my first Scrambler in 1969. I bought this one in Sept 2004 in Texas.

I have had 6 in my life time. The first one in 69 I had to let go back because I got drafted into the Army. Bought one in 76 but had to sale it because of a my first child, got one in 86 I had to sale because of my 4th child. Bought two SC's to make one in 90 had to sale both because I was called up for Desert Storm and was not going to get payed for 6 to 8 weeks. Got called up and went to Afghanistan, I got back in June 2003 and got out of the guard.

I hope to god I do not have to sell this one. I have have 12 68 thru 70 AMX'S and 4 Machine's. I sold my last Machine in Jan 2005, I have one 70 AMX and 2 - 79 AMX'S Both 360's cars. I also have a 74 304 2 dr Hornet seden. I have had Drag cars and dirt cars all AMC Powered.



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