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Current status unknown ...again? what's up with this car... It must be really fast because we cant keep track of it...


This picture posted as M.I.A on our home page was taken sometime between 1981 and 1984 by Matt Wilson. The Labor Day car show that is held at the State Capital every year in Charleston W. Va. Only time I ever saw it. I know their was a man in Charleston that had both A & B car many years ago. One was sold and the B car I'm sure he said it had been stolen from the paint shop years ago. This is all the info I have and I don't know how to get in touch with him. Matt Wilson


Owner FOUND after posting MIA on our home page...

Hi Joie, it blew me away when I came across your site. The pic of the sc that was taken in Charleston West Virginia is my car. Note the plate and the left front wheel.

A guy in Charleston did own this one and also a B car at the same time. I only met him once. I know the man that bought it new from a dealer in Providence Rhode Island. He lives in the area also. This car has a little over 14,000 miles, that can be documented. It was drag-raced in the area with a cross-ram and two 750's with a pair of Sheehan aluminum heads.

The original owner shattered the engine. It changed hands a couple times, and wound up with a guy who had a couple amx's. It sat under the edge of a garage with no gutters and developed allot of rust around the front end. That's how it was when i found it. Other than a little work in the trunk, and some on the lower quarters, most is just surface rust. Floors are rock solid. Very nice around all window channels too. It still has the original two tailpipes, hangers, and tips on it. also still has a pair of 90/10 drag shocks on it that the original put on. Hope this answers some on this m.i.a.

Thanks, Jeff


The way Jeff found it!


Restoration Begins!


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