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Original Owner
John McKee purchased new from Randall AMC in Mesa, Arizona

Hi I am John McKee, this is my Scrambler story.

I purchased my Scrambler in September, 1969 from Randall AMC in Mesa, Arizona. I was the first and only owner of this car. It was one of the first few built as can be evidenced by the VIN number. The car was assembled in mid January, 1969. It spent its first few months as a factory demo car. When I purchased the car in September it had 3000 miles on the odometer. The car was acquired by Randall AMC, my guess is because of the relationship Grant Randall had with the factory regarding race cars. I was surprised to see an A scheme car on the lot so late in the year. Randall also had 3 B scheme cars on the lot. Randall installed a new engine minus the smog pump and with the exhaust manifold holes plugged. The car also did not have the ram air damper in the hood scoop. Judging by the way the hole in the hood was crudely hacked out I doubt it ever had a damper. I wonder if any of the other early Scramblers have a hood like this? The car has 3.91 gears in the rear instead of the usual 3.54 ratio.

I spent the next year and a half terrorizing the streets of Phoenix and occasionally taking the car to the local dragstrip, Mel Larson’s. The old photos show the car with cheater slicks. You can also see the hood scoop does not have the AIR decals. The torque of the engine was overwhelming to the little E-70 polyglas tires. I learned first gear was useless and my starts were in second gear. My best time at the track was 13.80. Of course most the time my racing was on the street eating SS396 Chevelles and Camaros. Now that I am older and wiser I must say I cannot condone this type of exhibition on public streets. Back then there was much less traffic on the streets and it wasn’t too far out of town to find a deserted road to race on.


Phoenix dragstrip, Mel Larson’s

The old photos show the car with cheater slicks. You can also see the hood scoop does not have the AIR decals. Got to love that for sale sign in the window with the vintage price.

In 1970 Uncle Sam came calling and I thought I might have to sell the car because I wouldn’t be able to afford payments on a Boot Camp salary. I managed to keep the car though. I drove it while stationed in San Diego but kept the car at home when I was transferred to Hawaii. During the time in the Navy I was married. After getting out of the Navy there was College, houses, kids, kid’s College and little time or money to play with my Toy.

1992 - 2007

The car sat in storage at my Brother’s house . The last time it was driven was 1992.

2008, Jan 24

I decided it was time to resurrect the Scrambler. Seeing the article about the Scrambler Registry in Hemming’s Muscle Machines inspired me to bring this car back to life. "Thanks for the encouragement and support of the 1512 Registry."

I personally think the car should be driven and I am not too concerned with appearance. The paint is worn through in several places from the sun. I have rebuilt the engine and had the seats re-upholstered. Body work and paint can come later. I am looking forward to my next trip down the quarter mile shortly.

John McKee


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