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Bloomfield, IA
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Fun at the track

The car gets alot of respect the way it is. Especially from the people who seen it before the resurrection started. I should have interior finished up yet this winter and then hopefully next winter ill have it red white and blue again.

Hot Rod Black

I don't now for sure what the deal was with the red stripes on the front clip . that was the only part of the car that had paint left on the car. The guy who owned the car told me when he bought the car when it was still pretty much new that it was painted the A paint scheme exception of the mirrors and scoop and they were flat black. (who knows?)


Bring it home now!



I found my Scrambler in a hillbilly junk yard awaiting its doom with steel prices increasing . The guys yard is now completely cleaned out with the help of a Aljon car crusher.



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