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Documented by the Official 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry.

Original owner unknown

1970 - 2006
2007 - July
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Purchased by Kraig Bryan. Finally I got a Scrambler!

This Scrambler purchase happened while visiting a garage sale only one mile from my shop. While pondering another mans secondhand items for sale, I discover the home owner needs some upholstery work on an AMC. What happens next is one of those stories you hear about but never get think it will happen to you. He opens up the garage and what do I see...that's right, a HURST SC/Rambler, I made the man a deal we were both happy with and here I am ready to get into the world of restoring an AMC.

Check out the advertising link on the top of this page and see some of the cars that come out the car shows. Or better yet, make plans to attend one of my events. Hope to see you all soon!, Kraig

2008 - 2012
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