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History documented by the Official 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry
Restoration in process
88A Door Tag

Notice the door tag picture, it is interesting how the red paint is masked right up to half way through the door jam, I have never seen 2 of these cars masked off the same yet! JV

  HURST SC/Rambler dash tag

Take notice of the position of the dash tag, as most Ramblers in general are like this. It is a common problem to barely read the last number of the vin # as a result of the dash pad covering it up. JV

A scheme SC/Rambler  
  A scheme SC/Rambler Hood  
Purchased by Leigh Allen for $1100
Nasty Nash 10 yrs later

I have owned my SC Rambler since 1981. I bought the car from a friend who bought it from a local guy who got the car from a repossession. I am not sure about the car before that. I remember seeing it around town about 1978. It looked the same then.

When I bought the car the snorkel was in the back seat and the car had it's original paint. It was drag raced in Detroit Mi in the 70's, called "Nasty Nash". In 1981 or 82 they were not collectable. I paid $1100 dollars and drove it home barely conking out in the driveway. It had about 46000 miles on it at the time. Leigh Allen

"Nasty Nash"
Nasty Nash

Drag raced in Detroit Mi in the 70's, called "Nasty Nash"

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