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In April 2008 this car was in Muscle Car Enthusiasts Magazine. The article was written by Richard Truesdell. It was then invited and attended both the LA Concourse D' Elegance and Ultimate Muscle Cars at Disneyland CA. This was limited to 20 Unique Muscle cars that were specifically chosen for this display.


This car has one unique physical characteristic that is believed to have come from the factory. It has small metal fender flares in front of both rear wheels. This is very similar to Sterling Stumps SC's flares on his B scheme and may be specific for racing as my car was delivered new to Randall AMC in Mesa AZ. Jackie Randall (Mike Randall's wife) used this car as a dealer demo until Christmas 1969. It also had quite a reputation on the street in the summer of 1969 with Skip Randall at the wheel.

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