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Documented by the Official 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry.

Information found to indicate that this car was purchased at;
Home Acres Rambler in Wyoming Michigan on March 22, 1969

1970 - 1971
1972 - 2007

My brother purchased this car in 1972. It had caught on fire and the lower portion was in primer. He rewired the entire car because it was shot. He also had it painted black and sold the original hood. His idea was to make it a "SLEEPER". The engine was bored 30 over and had a mechanical advance distributor. Also high doom pistons. Not sure what else. At one time he was racing it at the drag strip in Lansing Michigan. He claims he had it turning the quarter in the low 11's. I know it smoked my 69 Road Runner! He finally spun a bearing in it and parked it with the intent of rebuilding it. It has now been sitting for some 20 odd years.

Recently he gave the car to me , I guess he decided he was never going to be able to afford to restore it. So now it is in my garage, which my wife isn't real happy about, and I have began the parts search. So far have found front floor pans and rocker panels. Still need to locate some quarter panels and rear floor pans. Also a original hood and a front bumper.

I'm looking forward to restoring this car to its former glory and to seeing it on the road again smokin the Mustangs and Cameros and all the rest. And yeah I know its the real thing. It has all the right numbers!


After a long hard winter the car is out from under the tarp and back in the garage. Work has begun. I'm getting it clean out on the inside and getting it ready to go to the body man. She is definitely rough but not as bad as I originally thought. Yes it needs floor pans and inner and outer rockers..but the doors seem to be still solid. While cleaning out the glove box I found the owners manual and the warranty book with the registration card. It shows it was purchased at Home Acres Rambler in Wyoming Michigan on March 22, 1969. Amazing that that also happens to be my birthday {just not in 69}. Also found evidence of the roof stripe showing just above the back window as shown in the picture. So I assume it was an A Scheme. I'm doing a B with the roof stripes. I also included a picture of the car I bought for parts. Was a nice car till someone wrecked it.

2009 - 2012

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1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry - Survivors List Guest View
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