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Original B Scheme, X-Ram seasonal driver. This car with a very rare AMC Cross-Ram has remained here in Uniontown, PA since is was new.
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July 28, 2007
NASCAR Angels knows how to give!

This past weekend 7-28-07 Val and I decided to ride our new motorcycle over to Canton Ohio and check out the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While we were looking for a place to eat I happend to notice a AMC Javelin parked in a Goodyear Gemini Center. Being a AMC guy I just had to see it so we road over and checked it out. The Javelin had a 290 V8 with a automatic trans. The car is a very sharp looking car and we were told by an employee that the car had just been redone. Turns out the Javelin was restored and filmed for a new TV show called NASCAR Angels, NASCAR Angels is a team lead by Rusty Wallace that will fix up a owners car if it needs it, a lot like pimp my ride. The team only has three days to rebuil the car and Goodyear Gemini Center is the sponsor of this new TV series that airs 9-18-07. I have no idea what episode the Javelin will be on, but I will be looking for it.

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July 2007
Matt's new ride

This is the bike I bought to replace my Harley that some S.O.B. stole. This is a big 1700cc Yamaha. It is a very nice bike and I hope to have it many years. Maybe it won't get stolen being a Yamaha.

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