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Ted Hinkle, original owner. Purchased April 25, 1969.

By 1982, I had logged 36,160 miles.  Now in 2007, I have 39,960 miles showing.  That’s only 3,800 miles in 25 years!

I have driven to many AMC car shows in the area, but also trailered the Scrambler to shows in St Louis, Springfield, Ohio, and Minneapolis. 

June 26, 1982

On June 26, 1982, I was married and the Scrambler was our “get-a-way” car; decorated with wedding streamers, painted windows, and a train of cans tied to the bumper. After the wedding, I was persuaded by the by-standers to do my typical mega burnout as we left. As the smoke cleared, we rode off into the sunset to prepare for our honeymoon!

Mid 1970's
Drag racing

During the mid 70’s, I was a Cable TV contractor and drove a 1972 Ford van for work and basic transportation, which gave me a chance to work on my Scrambler. In 1973, I had Jeg’s of Columbus, Ohio modify my Scrambler engine with 11.7:1 Jahn’s pistons, balance & blueprint, solid lifter cam, and a Holly 850. This “screaming” engine would turn 7300 RPM, although I shifted at 7 grand!  I also installed 4.44:1 gears to help launch the car off the line.

With 8 inch slicks, my best quarter mile time was 12.00 seconds at 98 MPH.  I remember the run: I was in the left lane at Bunker Hill Drag track, (north of Kokomo, Indiana) and a red and black 396 Chevelle with a tunnel ram, dual carbs and 12 inch slicks was in the right lane.  I came out at 6500 RPM’s with a near perfect hole shot!  I left the Chevy in my dust!  Only near the end of the quarter mile did he come close to me.  I beat the Chevy by three car lengths.

Auto record book
Check out the price of gas from year to year.
April 25, 1969

On April 25, 1969, while I was stationed at Ft Polk, LA., my Scrambler arrived at the AMC dealer in Tipton. (The dealer persuaded my dad to leave the car in his showroom for a couple of weeks to show it off!).  The cost of my Scrambler, including tax (no transportation charge in those days) was $3052.94.

When I first saw my Scrambler I had ordered, I thought: “hey, this doesn’t look like the picture” (mine was the B paint).  But when I got in and set behind the steering wheel, I knew that this was “all Scrambler”.  I later asked the dealer about my paint scheme, and was informed that the first 500 had quickly sold out and that this (B scheme) is “how they’re coming now”.

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