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The factory race car, 1969 1/2 AMC/HURST SC/Rambler
Updated: February 10, 2008 10:21 AM
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Introduction to a Limited Production Factory Race Car - the HURST SC/Rambler

Created in the last year of its production line, the 1969 Rambler took on a whole new purpose. Once just a mid size economy car for the moderate consumer, it was transformed into one of the greatest factory race cars ever produced. They only made 1,512 of them way back in 1969. They were a mid year production car, hence the year 69 1/2. Today there are only a few privileged folks lucky enough to have one to drive.

These cars were sold as factory NHRA F stock production race cars and used very much in the line of duty. Although most of them now accompany crash and burn stories, there are some that remain in private collections, seen only by their owners and then there are a few others that the owners continue to use them for the purpose they were intended. I while owning mine for 19 years did honor my Scrambler in this way and fully endorse anyone else who drives their SC in the same line of duty… continuing to uphold their status as muscle cars.

In a world full of high production number muscle cars, these Scramblers now are rising to the top of most enthusiasts’ lists for the ultimate muscle car to own and are being sought after by collectors who once never gave them a second look.

These Rambler Scrambler's are now, one of the top 10 all time greatest muscle cars, but even more interestingly are one of the most underrated muscle cars ever produced. This little Rambler SC/Rambler had what it took to keep up with the best of the big 3 and despite actually accomplishing that, this little compact Rambler muscle car did so with-out the degree of respect that it deserved. Competing in a the tough market of performance consumers, over the next 30 plus years to come, only the true AMC fan was able to endure the constant bullying from the on lookers and stigmas like - Ramblers were your grandparents car.

My dedication to these cars grew throughout the years and this type of dedication I have is like nothing else that can be explained, but only experience. A true AMC fan knows and there is no way to explain how it feels to own one of these cars, for many years we have had to grow a thick skin but never were our minds changed about these cars! Don't forget the parts availability to keep this car on the road are equally as hard to obtain as the car itself. One thing is for sure, It has taken a special breed of person to maintain the kind of dedication that comes with the constant verbal abuse by disbelieving owners of other muscle cars. Interestingly enough the owners of these cars today are largely still those same dedicated fans.

Today's muscle car market is a little different. Collectors are noticing how cool it would be to own one of these cars. Parts availability has slowly improved over the last few years and will greatly improve the probability that these cars can be resurrected rather than distroyed. No doubt, the value of these cars for the true AMC fans today will certainly reflect the amount of long over due re$pect.

Joie Vaughan, President & CEO


Photo - Hurst collector Tracy Byrd

Photo - Hurst collector Tracy Byrd

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