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April 4, 2008 - Ramblin' Rants from a SCrambled scribe

AMX 40th Reunion at Daytona
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While Dan Curtis was showing the power of killer Bs in Phoenix, 2000 miles to the east First Coast AMC did an outstanding job hosting a show which featured 100 cars evenly divided between 50 2 seater's and 50 other AMC's. Participants came from Ohio, New York, North and South Carolina and a very large local contingent.
Best AMX was won by Preston Carter of Dunkirk, Md. Best AMC was a battle between the two awesome A schemes with the much photographed and written about car of member Bob Hodson losing to Manny and Kay Cheek's car by one point. Bob also showed up with his Sportabout wagon and his '69 Rambler 6 gas saver 2 dr sedan. Hey Bob, if you need a volunteer to help drive your fleet to the next show....

Patty Snead came from nearby New Smyrna with her '68 390 AMX stirred with a 4 speed and a T shirt "Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Cars". That's an AMC er with an attitude!

Harold Lengel of Palm Bay, FL likes to work on his tan while sipping gas in his '65 440 convertible with a 232 six pack. Stan Best from the same home town as the late funny car driver Al Hoffman, Umatilla,Fl has a last of the breed '67 Ambassador convertible which is very much a driver and not a trailer queen.

Rick and Donna Pittman brought their '70 360 AMX from Lake City, Fl complete with a custom made neon AMC sign for their display. The Kenosha brand truly lights up their lives! Gary Kelly made the short trip from Deltona in his drop dead gorgeous '70 RWB Machine.

Subtlety is not something William Pinto values. The Cocoa resident's '81 Spirit with 401 looks like it would be at home on the launch pad of the nearby space center and the all black paint job gives the appearance of a refugee from area 51.
The last year Javelin bowed out with class. Palm Coast's Carl Sheppard showed his 401 go pack, a/c automatic AMX in a very upscale looking black and gold similar to the Lotus John Player livery.

Carolina AMC's showed up with about half a dozen members including Salisbury, NC's Jimmy Barrow with his animal A scheme. Jimmy chose comfort over concourse as you can see by the a/c compressor. He also chose some Lucas style headlights to illuminate the Carolina byways and he opted for chromed magnums to add some flash to his Nash and they are covered with BFG TA's so he can get a grip. What lies below those unique aluminum valve covers is in military intelligence speak information disseminated only on a need to know basis. In plain English what that means is if you are driving brand X and you are intelligent, don't mess with it. Of course, with the in your face attitude this bad boy projects some conspiracy theorists think that Homeland Security might put him on their watch list as a Tarheel Terrorist.

The AMX with the greatest Hollywood history was the AMX 400 which given by Dick Teague to George Barris who transformed it in 13 weeks to what is seen here. It toured the ISCA circuit and also appeared in an episode of the TV show Banacek. Current owner Mike Teddy towed down from Buffalo at a fuel cost of 1100 bucks. In case you aren't wearing your driving suit and nomex underwear and have 125k which is absolutely burning a hole in your pocket it can be yours.
Herm Lewis, Mr. AMC horsepower made the show and mentioned that he has a new NASCAR style head under development. Give him American Money Cash and he will give you Amazing Muscle car Crushing horsepower.
Thanks again to First Coast for a job well done.

Al Russell
1512 Registry Supporting Member
& Writer for Amazing Muscle Cars

March 7-9, 2008 - Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance - 2008

March 7 - 9, 2008 - Ramblin' Rants from a SCrambled scribe

Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance - 2008


Saturday morning dawned blustery with weather more suitable for a windsurfing competition. This in no way detracted from the "Legends of Trans-Am Racing" seminar hosted by former Trans-Am, Can-Am and endurance racer David Hobbs and former actor, journalist and enthusiast Tim Considine. Drivers present were Tony Adamowicz, John Morton, Horst Kwech, Sam Posey, George Follmer, Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones. The tech side was represented by Tom Yeager, Jim Huffstader, Peter Brock, Judy Stropes and Bud Moore.

Much of the discussion involved differential. Not ring and pinion or differential equations for you math majors but differential interpretation of the SCCA Trans-Am rule book aka "creative engineering". Unfortunately one of the most creative engineers in American motorsports, Smokey Yunick, is no longer with us but his spirit was represented with the #13 Camaro now owned by Vic Edelbrock. Sam Posey recalled how at Riverside in 1970 at tech inspection the crew were having some cold ones and invited SCCA chief tech inspector John Timmanus to have one. John leaned back with his elbow on the car's roof which immediately made a large dent in the roof due to the amount of acid dipping which had been done. He then told the crew that they would have a long night in front of them. They then bought a new Challenger, decapitated it and the next day they had a legal roof!

Bud Moore pointed out the intense rivalry between the Ford camp and the Penske Camaro. Penske was noted for the overhead fueling rig which also used dry ice to make the fuel denser. Bud was no slouch when it came to pit stops and used some mighty big ol' boys to hoist 14 gallon cans similar to those now used in NASCAR and he also used a type of plastic retainer for the lug nuts and was able to gain 15 to 30 seconds advantage on the Camaro. He alleged that Penske had observers with binoculars looking at his stacks of tires but he always stacked them with the lug side down.

There was also some discussion about the use of automotive accessories, namely the chrome horn. Since Parnelli Jones was this year's honored driver it is no surprise that he was singled out as one its most frequent and skillful users.

Sunday was chilly but sunny and no less than four Javelins were on display. There were examples of all the manufacturers except Pontiac in the over 2 litre category. These were the Dan Gurney Cougar, the George Follmer Mustang, the Parnelli Jones Mustang, the Sam Posey Challenger, the Swede Savage Cuda and the Penske Donahue Camaro. There were several private entries as well. The under 2 litre field was well represented with the Adamowicz Alfa, the Brock Datsun 510 and an absolutely gorgeous Lotus Cortina in red and gold Alan Mann livery. The Javelins were the 1968 Ron Kaplan car, the 1971 Penske cars and the Roy Woods '72. The #6 Javelin was parked next to the aforementioned #13 Camaro. Sometimes concours judges will request that a car be started to make sure that it is a runner. In an Amelia Island to the Bakersfield cacklefest the two cars started simultaneously and idled for about 3 minutes at 2000 rpm. Meantime your faithful scribe was photographing #6 when judges David Hobbs and Brian Redman came by and I mentioned to Hobbo about what little respect AMCs get and what a nice car that was. He diplomatically replied that there lots of nice cars in the field. After shooting some more I came back to see a blue ribbon attached to the hood of the original Mark Donahue Javelin. I'm sure my comments had no influence on the outcome whatever but it's nice to see a Javelin of this provenance get the respect it deserves.

Al Russell
1512 Registry Supporting Member
& Writer for Amazing Muscle Cars

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March 1, 2008 - Road Gents Drag Strip - Bellingham WA

Road Gents Drag Strip - Bellingham Washington

A very obscure former drag strip still exists in Whatcom County, Washington. It sits within the Bellingham Airport fence but isn’t a runway. It was built in 1954 by the Road Gents car club. Their president Wally Markwood worked for the local parks department which gave him some idle contacts with the mayor. It’s construction was greatly assisted by volunteer labor and donations such as the paving being supplied by the new refinery. NHRA president Wally Parks was at the Grand Opening ceremony which was held before the track was finished and featured in Hot Rod Magazine. The Road Gents placed newspaper ads in the Vancouver Sun and several of the Vancouver area racers ran there.

The life span was brief, the track only ran in 1954 and 55 before shutting. Wally had switched jobs to become a salesman at a Ford dealership which meant working weekends. That combined with family life left him no time to run the drag strip and others in the club weren't’t lining up to take over the task.

The pavement still exists, though I couldn't find the return road. It ran northward and is used as a service road now . At first glance appears to be gravel but on closer inspection it has a few potholes that have been surrounded with the broken chunks. The starting line area is mostly intact with weeds growing through the smooth pavement, remarkable for a 50 year dormant drag strip.

Purpose-built drag strips were an extremely rare commodity in 1954, Road Gents Drag Strip in Bellingham Washington is one of the very first anywhere.

Tom Posthuma

Feb 16, 2008 Carpe diem (seize the day) Take the 1512 Registry off the endangered species list

Feb, 16, 2008 - Ramblin' Rants from a SCrambled scribe

Carpe diem (seize the day) Take the 1512 Registry off the endangered species list

In his excellent column "Legal Files" John Draneas in the 1//08 issue of Sports Car Market tells a story of a Jaguar owner which serves as an object lesson to all of us. Very briefly, Jag man selected a restoration shop to which he had been referred for work on his XK 150. After having received an estimate of 16k for the work to be performed he received monthly bills totaling 30k. Dissatisfied, he took it to a second shop which found that some of the work billed had not been performed and work that had been performed had not been done satisfactorily. They found that he had been overcharged by 17k. Meantime, the first shop secured a lien of 5900 bucks on the car which the owner paid before taking the owner of the first shop to court where the jury awarded the owner the 17k, legal fees plus damages. The jury could not compensate the owner for time lost or aggravation.

What did Jag man do wrong? He should have joined a make specific club such as Jaguar Club of North America, gone to their shows to become familiar with the judging standards and most importantly asked other members which shops restored their cars and what was the business experience like with shops.

What does this have to do with the S/C community? Fair question. As these cars gain more attention and popularity more cars will be restored which both preserves other cars which may have been lost and retains value for existing cars. As we all know car restoration takes time, tools, a garage and skill. Some enthusiasts don't have all of those commodities, hence the restoration shop. There are some whiners in the AMC who complain about this and the professionally restored cars by which people are "buying their way in"but this is preserving our heritage. The registry serves as an irreplaceable repository for both restoration shops and individuals.

As those of us who have been around the hobby for more years than care to admit, as in - sitting in a new S/C on the dealer's lot know that AMC's have always been treated like red, okay punk rockers, red white and blue haired step children by the automotive media. Other makes have multiple publications dedicated to them. AMC has none. While AMO has a national judging staff, the National Corvette Restorers Society has judging manuals and conducts classes for its judges on both a regional and national level. I understand that the Nash Healy owners club went belly up due to lack of member support and a great deal of expertise was lost.

To reiterate: we have no media and we have only one resource, the 1512 Registry. Please read Dan Curtis's post on the message forum under General Discussion, open your wallets and take the 1512 Registry off the endangered species list.

On a more personal note as a former federal employee with an excellent health care plan and the recipient of a kidney transplant I am fully aware of how your life focus changes during such an event. You never know the extent of the health care crisis until it hits home as it has with Matt and Valeri Wilson. After I received my Lyndon Johnson Scholarship letter to Southeast Asia Community College I was told that the Army takes care of its own. Valeri's crisis has already been posted on the AMC forum. Let the 1512 Brigade of the AMC Army now take care of one of our own.

''The moving finger writes; and having writ,
Moves on: nor all your piety nor wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line
Nor all your tears wash out a word of it"

from The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam

Al Russell
1512 Registry Supporting Member
& Writer for Amazing Muscle Cars

Feb 15, 2008 AMC Ancestors.... the first SC that defined cool

Feb. 15, 2008 - Ramblin' Rants from a SCrambled scribe

AMC Ancestors....the first SC that defined cool

Many automotive historians cite the economic depression of the thirties and its uncertainties and lack of confidence as being the reason for public rejection of advanced styling ideas such as the Chrysler Airflow. As the depression hung on into 1938 Nash president George Mason decided that the senior Nash line, the Ambassador, needed some sales help in the form of what we would now call a halo car. Mason appreciated sporty cars and a decade later after a chance meeting with Donald Healy would be responsible for making the Nash Healy which would later finish well at Le Mans.

Mason wanted a distinctive top of the line platform on which to work some magic and the Ambassador model 4081 was selected as the platform. The powerplant was a nine main bearing OHV straight 8 with a bore of 3.125" x 4.25'" stroke resulting in 260 cubic inches and 115 hp@ 3400 rpm and 200 lb ft of torque at 1600 rpm with 6:1 compression ratio. Nash along with Buick and Chevrolet were the only major manufacturers to offer overhead valve engines in 1940, however, Nash featured dual ignition; i.e. two plugs per cylinder, a feature shared by Stutz and Rolls-Royce. Very exclusive company indeed. He knew that the car's styling had be an attention grabber so he brought in a previous Nash styling collaborator. Enter Russian emigre Count Alexis de Saknoffsky who was tasked with transforming the Ambassador 4081 convertible into the 4081 Special Cabriolet, a genuine factory custom.

The comparison to the other sporty factory custom, the Packard Darrin is inevitable. Packard occupied a higher priced market segment than Nash and was noted for its very expensive 12 cylinder cars with custom coachwork by Derham, Waterhouse and others. As the depression wore on sales of such symbols of conspicuous consumption dried up and 1939 was the last year of the V12. It was replaced by the series 180 which Darrin used as the basis for the sporty convertible. The engine was less advanced than the Nash being a flathead straight 8 with a 3.5" bore and a massive 4.63" stroke and 7:1 compression ratio producing 160 hp@ 3600 rpm.

Darrin had spent most of the thirties in Paris where Coachbuilders such as Figoni and Falaschi slathered their coachwork with chrome, Lalique hood ornaments and other art deco touches. The amount of chrome which Darrin uses and the use of GM style mini torpedo parking lamps atop the fenders and the floating headlights were just more of a continuation of a styling paradigm which, while well done, broke no new ground. By contrast the de Saknoffsky cabriolet is truly groundbreaking.

The car was lowered from the factory, the headlights were integral in the fenders, the hood ornament was shaved, the door handles were shaved, there were no side mirrors and there was no chrome trim other than the grille and bumpers. Sitting on its wide whites and baby moons this car is the prototype of the California Custom and its influence can be seen in numerous cars featured in Rodders Journal. For its time the car was well equipped with the state of the art heating system, the Weather Eye, leather upholstery, clock and something familiar to S/C pilots a steering wheel mounted tach to watch while you moved the chrome plated shift lever which controlled the three on the tree with OD. No, the Packard didn't have a tach. The topper was the floor mounted lever for the exhaust cutout a la Duesenburg. You gotta HEAR that horsepower!

The subject car owned by Mr. Reggie Nash of Richmond,Va was photographed at the 2007 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. Reggie purchased the car as a basket case in 1970 for the then not inconsiderable sum of $2500 or about $12,500 in today's dollars. The car was also the subject of an excellent article by David La Chance in the March 2007 issue of Hemmings classic Car.

Thanks to Hemmings for featuring this car but it would not be possible without the great people like Reggie who have preserved this unique part of our history. Some things never change. How many times when you have been driving your S/C have you been asked "What is it?" No doubt with the lack of identification the driver of the 1940 4018 Special Cabriolet was asked the same question. If life is about making an appearance what must it have been like to pull up in this ride wearing your zoot suit in front of the Brown Derby in LA or the Cotton Club in Harlem. In 1940 the SC wasn't merely cool it defined the entire idiom of cool!

Al Russell
1512 Registry Supporting Member
& Writer for Amazing Muscle Cars

Feb 1, 2008 Ramblin' Rants from a Scrambled Scribe, by Al Russell

Feb. 1, 2008 - Ramblin' Rants from a SCrambled scribe
Ramblin' Rants from a SCrambled SCribe, by Al Russell

Amazing Muscle Cars welcomes one of new event reporters for the site, You might want to hang on to your hat kids because Al Russell - (Rant) tell's it like it is and tha's kinda what we lijke about him! We look forward to his writing column, Feel free to respond to his Rants and we just might post your response here on THE HOOD SCOOP, not sure how much good it will do because he's possibly too old and set in his way to be changed now, but it makes for good reading and we are sure his opinion will be a breath of fresh air around here for some of us old farts that are just a little sick and tired of all the whiny mamby pambys and young know it all overbearing attitudes carrying on with their big ideas babbling on about every little thing... ...oh yeah, ok, here's Al:

Four action items on the agenda.

1) Barrett-Jackson had 4 AMC muscle cars, 2 A scheme Scramblers, an AMX, a '74 401 4 spd AMX /Jav none of which saw air time. There was a lot of junk i.e. Monster Garage garbage as well as non collectibles such as a VW Variant sw etc which did get air time. Speed has the most knowledgeable on air auction staff bar none, however, I'm sure they have no editorial control over what is aired. I have made some posts on the Speed TV community boards and I would like to see the AMC community get behind this. These are legitimate collectible muscle cars. There is a link on the Speed home page us. Let 'em have it.

2) I did some further research on AMC 6 rebuilders. Hesco has an aluminum cylinder head and if they get 50 orders will cast aluminum blocks for $3500. You can contact them at, ( of course tell you saw this info here on THE HOOD SCOOP! )

3) This year's show at Amelia Island will feature a salute to the Trans-Am series and no doubt the Penske Javelin will be present and possibly the Ron Kaplan Javelins .I will be there camera in hand. Check the Amelia Island Concours web site. Three weeks later at Daytona speedway there will be a 40th anniversary AMX reunion which will welcome all AMC cars. This should be big.

4) And last but certainly not least! The holy grail of AMC muscle cars is listed on e-bay, item number 330207819871, a 1957 Rambler Rebel. In '64 or '65 the editors at Car Life magazine coined the term muscle car and defined it as a) the smallest body in the manufacturer's line, b) stuffed with the manufacturer's largest engine, c) special suspension/handling package, d) special appearance package. The Rebel covered all those bases 7 years before Pontiac. The next time one of your GTO (is that garbage truck option?) owning acquaintances starts spouting off about having the first muscle car you can set 'em straight. Notice I said acquaintances because friends don't let friends drive Pontiacs. This myth has been promulgated by lazy uniformed so called automotive journalists for too long no doubt with the encouragement of Jim Wangers. Jim Wangers buy the way who with Paul Zazzarine will be appearing at a Pontiac show in Kissimee. He first gained fame as a member of the Royal Pontiac Drag team and later worked for Pontiac's ad agency the name of which I don't recall. He has since documented a lot of GTO history and shenanigans such as the ringers which Royal would supply to an unsuspecting press.

Sorry to sound like an irascable, angry, know it all old fart but that is only because I am. Do not disparage another gearheads muscle car! Gearheads are just like fisherman....they both lie like hell, the difference being that gearheads don't smell like week old bait!

Al Russell
1512 Registry Supporting Member
& Writer for Amazing Muscle Cars

Jan 16, 2008 Barrett-Jackson AMC Highlights - 2008

Jan. 16, 2008 Barrett-Jackson highlights  

Two 1969 1/2 A - scheme HURST SC/Ramblers at this years Barrett-Jackson Auction

  Images provided by Dan Curtis

I had been really looking forward to this years auction because of the 2 SC's that would be sold this year, but sadly I'd be let down. I'd like to express the disappointment I feel with Speed Vision's coverage of this years Barrett-Jackson Auction as I watched the entire 36 hours of coverage. I even patiently watched through all the monster garage stuff hoping to see a quick flash backs of some the cars that went through, we see it all the time and would fully expect to see coverage on the best cars there, but I would eventually became very disappointed when there was zero mention of the HURST SC/Rambler, especially when I had watched only because of the AMC cars. I am not a big fan of watching television as I have much to do running the day to day operations of the registry and rarely have time to sit in front of tube. I can only imagine the disappointment by all AMC fans when these extremely rare muscle cars were not covered and didn't get seen, not even for 2 seconds. With all due respect to Speed Vision that really was an over site on their part.

I can understand the luck of the draw and that perhaps it was simply bad timing that the one of the car did happened to go through during a commercial break, but let me say this - " It baffles me " , how can such a bold and rare muscle car go completely unnoticed by the media and why out of 36 freaking hours of coverage, that they couldn't find a spot to squeeze in a lousy 20 second segment. I mean this is a collector car auction isn't it? So how is it that one of the rarest collector muscle cars in existence did NOT even get an honorable mention and even today after almost 40 years of street-ass kicking, these cars are still fighting for the respect they have always deserved. Our AMC collector cars are fast rising to the top 10 muscle cars of all time to own and for all AMC cars to be left completely out of any coverage what so ever is simply disrespectful. This will certainly discourage me from watching the entire program again next year.

Joie Vaughan,
President & CEO, 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry




Our Public Relations Director Dan Curtis happens to live 10 minutes from the Auction in Arizona and you can read below what he had to report on the subject.

This week I had the opportunity to check out both SC/Ramblers while attending the Barrett Jackson auction and thought the final pricing for both SC/Rambler auctions were about right. The first car, #462 belonging to 1512 Registry member Mike Coon had some rust in the center of the rolled lip in both rear quarters, the section of the rear view mirrors that should be chrome were painted silver, the header gaskets and header cutouts had noticeable leaks and the car also had a lot of obvious performance add-ons that were very noticeably non-stock, particularly in the fuel system. The pattern in the basket weave on the seats was installed going in the wrong direction and both the pin stripes what should have been hood roof and trunk decals were all painted, albeit in one of the best decal replacement paint jobs I have ever seen. If I recall correctly, the hood also had missing graphics on the hood scoop.

All of that aside, it was still a very nice looking car with a beautiful paint job that was done so well that you could not feel any difference in the surface of the paint where the stripes and graphics were painted on the car. Add that to having a great sounding motor with very, very detailed documentation, it was a car that I would be proud to own.

The second car, #929, sold for $55K and had a near perfect body and interior although again with painted stripes and pin stripes but still a beautiful paint job, although the pin striping on the body was too wide. In addition, the interior had a real goofy looking reupholstered dash without any accommodation for the front speaker. One other unusual aspect to the car was that the rear wheels were widened by an inch or two which made them look odd due to excessive space between the trim ring and the magnum 500 wheel spokes. Unfortunately neither the seller or the buyer were nearby any of the times I was viewing the car so I was unable to see the engine bay which I would expect to be at the same high level of finish as the body and interior.

The one thing that annoyed me quite a bit however was that the first car #462 was gaveled down very quickly with the auctioneer stating that "the $45K was all it was worth so let's move it off the stage". For most other cars, they would roll cars to the off ramp area just to the right of the auction stage and then continue the auction in an attempt to try to move the selling price higher. That did not happen with the first car which seemed to demonstrate an obvious anti AMC bias by the auctioneer. Another rather unusual aspect of the sale for #462 was that the seller of the second car, a California dealer who is a regular seller at BJ, bought the first car! Sadly, they put in way more effort selling junk provided by Monster Garage, some of which brought fairly high selling prices for worthless pieces of automotive garbage. Although #929 was auctioned before I got there on Friday, I am willing to bet that the auctioneer spent much more time trying drive the price up on it than what happened with the first car due to the seller being a regular.

Wed Jan. 16th, 2007 - # 462

1512 Registry member Mike Coon's car one of 4 documented HURST SC/Ramblers featured on the 2008 promotion poster, Mikes car sown on bottom of the poster goes through the Barrett-Jackson Jan 16th lot 462 for $45K. Of course you have to add all the other fees on top to get the final value of this purchase.

Friday Jan. 18th, 2007 - # 929

After watching the auctions for a couple of days, it is clear to me that when the auctioneer knows the seller or the seller is a repeat participant at BJ, the auctioneer works much harder to drive the price of the cars.

Regardless, both cars were very nice cars that I would not hesitate to own and the second car was indeed nicer than the first so the price difference seemed to be appropriate.

Dan Curtis
1512 Registry, Public Relations Director

Sep 1, 2007 - Gordy Chilson Show & Shine

September 1st 2007 - Gordy Chilson's Show & Shine

Matt Wilson was fortunate to have the trip to see this great display of AMC/Amazing Muscle Cars, this is what he had to say about it...

I must say, I had a great time at Gordy Chilson's AMC family reunion. I bet there were more AMC's on that dealers lot then, there were back when the Chilson's were selling AMC's. All the cars were very nice and I was pleased to see that there was only one completed car that was for sale. That means all those AMC's have a loving homes ,great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got to meet some AMC vendors and a few of the 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry members. It was great to talk to some of the newer SC/Rambler owners as a few of them are going to provide some much needed replicated parts for our cars. It was also nice to put a face to some of the names that have been in the hobby for many years and to see the cars that have been restored with their help. Some of these men have a concern about the direction of our SC/Rambler Registry. I wish to make it clear that our goal has always been to add even more enjoyment to owning a SC/Rambler then ever before. and to provide information about these cars to help owners get them back on the road anyway they can.

It should be known that any and all vendors are welcome to advertise on our site here at Amazing Muscle Cars as long as their products are presented honestly and without malice towards another vendor or registry member. The registry will not tolerate any foul behavior !!! Our growing pains are over !!! I can't tell you how pleased we are that registry member Steven Stull has stepped up to help the 1512 Registry by supplying us with outstanding replications of the SC/Rambler hood scoops and radio delete plates, which we will be receive soon. I'm sure SC's owners will be thrilled that these items are available through the 1512 Registry. The sale price of these items have not been set by the 1512 Registry. However we are pleased that an agreed percentage of any sale will go to the registry which will help raise dollars that the registry needs to continue its growth.

Gordy's AMC family reunion was great ! I dream of the day that the 1512 Registry will be able to add another fun event for AMC owners. All we need is a little support over time and we will be able to add even more enjoyment to ownership. I hope the AMC community will join in to help us make this happen. We at the 1512 Registry have no hidden agenda !!! It is time that these cars be enjoyed and seen by people as if it were 1969 all over again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the fond AMC memory.
Matt Wilson
Vise-President, 1512 Registry

May 30, 2007 "The NEW Johnny Lightning HEAD TO HEAD SET"

May 30, 2007 "The NEW Johnny Lightning HEAD TO HEAD SET"
1969 1/2 HURST SC/Rambler vs 1969 AMX

May 30, 2007

"Johnny Lightning" presents the newest release in the HEAD to HEAD series featuring our very own Registry Member’s Scrambler owned by Matt & Valeri Wilson.

These sets have sold up quickly and are now becoming a hard to obtain collectable! A limited number of these sets are signed by Matt & Valeri Wilson.

Click here to Johnny Lightning release page

Jan 16, 2007 Barrett-Jackson 2007

Jan. 16, 2007 Barrett-Jackson highlights  

B Scrambler Barrett-Jackson Auction,
Tuesday, Jan, 16, 2007 Final Value $49,500

This was cool, Matt got a chance to speak with Craig Jackson, asked for his autograph when he just happened to have a copy of our 2007 collectors poster handy.

SC/Rambler shows well at Barrett-Jackson

Registry Promotions Director Matt Wilson did an awesome job at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Huge thanks to you Matt for the excellent job of promoting our Registry and the site! Not often will you get a chance to see such a rare car go through such a high profile auction like this, and for us to get television time was very unexpected but definitely appreciated by AMC fans.

This is a big step forward for these AMC rare cars. Pictures and more info an details about his interviewed by Speed Vision, will be made available on our first edition of the Amazing Muscle Cars News Letter!

Short video clips

SC/Rambler shows well at Barrett-Jackson
Article by Rolf Norberg

January is traditionally a cool month when automotive happenings are in hibernation, that is all except for some hot car auctions such as the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction held in the desert town of West World, just outside of Scottsdale Arizona.

Lasting an entire week with live coverage on Speed Channel during most of this time, it has become what B/J CEO Craig Jackson calls "The worlds greatest collector car event". This all 'No Reserve' auction attracts many of the finest vehicles on earth as well as cars that could be termed down-right affordable so you wouldn't necessarily need cavernous pockets to be a player. But if you did happen to have a favorable financial standing and had a soft spot for fine cars you were likely to be in attendance. Many of the hobbies high rollers were spotted such as the Lewenthals, the Pratts, the Joneses and the Witworths. Another high profile collector, Reggie Jackson let his original '69 Z-L1 Camaro go for a whopping $800,000. A high price but relatively low compared with some of the other sales of the week. Taking the cake for the highest price ever paid for a vehicle at this auction was a 'one-of-a kind' '66 Shelby Cobra Super Snake built specifically for Carrol Shelby. Producing 800 horsepower this Paxton supercharged treasure fetched over $5,000,000.

But like a mirage in the desert the incredibly high prices previously seen at this event seem to have evaporated. Many hot rods in particular that were once garnering the highest bids were uncharacteristically going for much less than what it would cost to build them. Factory concept cars that were once the bidders favorites were going for lower than expected prices. It seems as though the 'flavor of the month' exists in the collector car auction world as well.

I happen to catch CNN's coverage of the B/J auction, naturally focusing on their own 'Warrier One' Hummer being sold at the auction.

As expected Saturday was the 'main event' for this auction with cars typically exhibiting low production numbers, possessing very low miles, being an un restored original or having some other special notoriety. Corvettes made up a large percentage of this event. Two '63 corvettes were sold as a pair for a total of $525,000. Hemi cars were also popular with the crowd. Every variation from a '71 Hemi Cuda with less that 100 original miles on it to a '67 Hemi Coronet 4 door sedan went under the gavel. Each went for $500,000. In comparison a '70 Hemi Cuda clone was a steal at $72,000.

By the time the last vehicle was purchased Sunday evening 1271 vehicles had been sold generating over $100,000,000. in sales. If this event is a barometer on the condition of our hobby we can feel safe in the fact interest remains high for our dream machines.

Matt Wilson and friend Wade Linger, owner of Wade's Garage both members of our registry attended this event and had several observations to relay to our viewers.

Having never flown before, Matt was thrilled to have traveled by air from his home in Pennsylvania to the auction in Arizona, attending basically as a consultant regarding the auctioning of a '69 Rambler SC/Rambler B car. During his 4 day stay from Monday to Thursday he had the opportunity to meet with Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson who autographed one of the '1512' official posters. What an honor. He was then interviewed by Speed Channel's Mike Joy who used the info Matt supplied to elaborate on the SC/Rambler when it rolled across the auction block Tuesday afternoon. If you viewed this car being auctioned on TV you would have seen a close -up of the '1512' poster. (The SC/Rambler sold for $49,500. incidentally).

Wade also there to take in the experience for future reference as he plans to do a complete documented restoration on his A scheme Scrambler at his state of the art facility that was recently featured in The Charleston Gazette in WV. Wade plans to prepare his A scheme Scrambler for the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction with in the next year, seeing this B car here was an ideal opportunity for the preparation of his car when the time comes.

Other observations both Matt and Wade picked up on were that even though this is primarily an auction for high-end collector cars, vehicles that the average person could afford were also on the block. Like wise you'd expect to find the people attending this function would be of the snobbish variety but this was not the case as the general buyer/seller was made up of nice, friendly folk. Food and drinks were reasonably priced as well. More than just an auction it is also a car show where all the vehicles there are kept on site all week long, even if it sold on Tuesday.

Though Matt didn't purchase any of these cars he did spot a particularly stunning '62 Super Duty 421 Pontiac. Trucks also had a big following. The going prices were not too high considering what some of these cars have traditionally sold for. All in all Matt agreed this event and the beautiful clear Arizona landscape was definitely one worth taking in.

Rolf Norberg

Photos provided by Richard Truesdell

Speed Vision 2007 Muscle Car Shootout - 2007

Muscle Car Shootout  
Muscle Car Shootout
video clips

This B Scheme HURST SC/Rambler belonging to Jeff Spratt got to show it's stuff in a rare opportunity to be lined up with some of the best in a muscle car shoot out.

All AMC fans were watching and I am sure a few screwed up eyebrows were happening on the brake test. But over all this SC/Rambler faired pretty good considering it's limitations in technology.

It is such a rare opportunity at all to get publicity for our AMC muscle cars, that all us enthusiasts were just tickled pink to see it there,

Thank you for allowing this car to be put to the test Jeff! We thank you and are all a bit envious!

Jan 21, 2007 Spike TV , Muscle Car TV Burnout - Mike Lewis's HURST SC/Rambler

Mike Lewis - Muscle Car TV Burnout - Aired January 21 & 27, 2007
Mike Lewis Muscle Car TV Burnout
Video Clips

Oct. 15, 2006 Quaker Steak & Lube Restraunt B Scheme on Display

Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant - Fine dinning under a B Scheme on the hoist!


Registry representative Matt Wilson's un restored Scrambler complete with Group 19 Edelbrock Cross-Ram intake on display at Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant at their location in Charleston WV.

If you lived with in driving distance of this location, this is a rare opportunity to see one of these rare cars in original rare form, a legend still running strong today on the streets in Uniontown PA, where it has been in since it was new.

July 2006 Wade's Garage "Open House"

July 2006 - 1512 Registry member Wade Linger - Open house for Wade's Garage, Fairmont W. VA

Visit Wade’s Garage

Specializing in Automobile Restorations, Street Rods and Custom Modifications.

Wade Linger is president of Global Science & Technology’s West Virginia division — at least until next week, when he starts restoring hot rods full time at Wade’s Garage.

Wade had his open house for his new restoration shop in Fairmont W. VA This photo was taken at his first show. The 1970 Rebel machine needs to be restored but is a very solid car with a 4 - speed.

Both TV channels filmed this event and took many close ups of the SC and the Machine. The Machine needs restored so Wade wasn't going to put it out where people could see it. I'm glad I changed his mind as it was a big hit with the people.


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